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IDLife Review (2023)

What Is IDLife?

IDLife is the top health and wellness company in the United States and is based in Frisco, TX. Although the technology behind their flagship product had been under development for 17 years, they opened for business in May 2014. Their nutritional products are sold throughout the United States via a sales force of Independent Associates. Their core belief is that people want to do life better in the areas of health, finances and relationships - more on those a little later. Periodically they do run promotions and you can see the current ones by clicking right here.

What Makes IDLife Different In The Marketplace?

IDLife has many nutritional products that healthy consumers will find beneficial. The products are non-gmo (contain no genetically modified ingredients), gluten-free, soy-free and contain no artificial flavors or ingredients. ID Life vitamins are available for a variety of profiles. But what makes IDLife different is ID Nutrition. These are personalized vitamins that can ONLY be obtained through the IDLife Assessment. The IDLife DNA test gives a stand alone report with over 40 pages of actionable information. Some of that information can be included in the IDLife Assessment. It is this combination of IDLife DNA test results coupled with the ID Nutrition that makes IDLife different in the US marketplace. Simply put: no one else can do what they do.

How Does IDLife Make People’s Life Better In Health?

IDLife products such as IDLife Energy, ID30 Burn, IDLife Slim Plus, IDLife Lean, ID Nutrition, IDLife DNA test, IDLife Sleep Strips, Collagen Plus and IDLife Shakes - in conjunction with exercise and eating right have made a dramatic difference in the lives of thousands of people. 80% of customers join the VIP Perks program and save up to 20% off on their favorite products.

How Does IDLife Make People’s Life Better In Finances?

IDLife has a very generous compensation plan for Independent Associates who value health and nutrition, can gather customers who value the same and have a strong desire to build a customer base. Typically social media influencers, person trainers, coaches and people with influence enjoy the benefits of Independent Associate.

How Does IDLife Make People’s Life Better In Relationships?

The customers and Independent Associates who are attracted to IDLife tend to be optimistic and health oriented individuals. Gatherings have been said to be extremely uplifting, positive and community oriented. For people looking for a healthy and fun community to belong to; IDLife offers a nationwide network of like minded people.

How Did IDLife Start?

Roughly 17 years of research and testing were reviewed before the company became firm with its science. Their ambitions are to change the way people “think about their health” and in the simplest way possible.

IDLife Ingredients

Rosehip Powder

Rosehip is a compound that has a high amount of natural vitamin C. This compound is taken by people enduring pain as associated with osteoarthritis. Rosehip is one of nature’s source of anti-inflammatory compounds, according to research published in Australian Family Medicine.

Rosehip Powder

Rosehip is a compound that has a high amount of natural vitamin C. This compound is taken by people enduring pain as associated with osteoarthritis. Rosehip is one of nature’s source of anti-inflammatory compounds, according to research published in Australian Family Medicine.

Elderberry Extract

Elderberry comes from the elder tree, according to the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Medicines and other remedies use the tree’s purple berry because it has a tremendous influence on the immune system, per the European Cytokine Network. This plant is naturally grown and can target specific illnesses like flu viruses, toothaches, allergies or fatigue syndrome.

Broccoli Seed Extract

Broccoli does more than fit in as a typical dinner dish. It’s the “sulforaphane” in broccoli that gives scientists something to get excited about, according to Molecules. The compound is now being used as a treatment for various ailments like those found in the breast and digestive system.

Pygeum Bark Extract

The pygeum tree is prized for its bark due to its anti-inflammatory properties in animal studies, per the Asian Journal of Andrology. Such properties are great for men susceptible to prostate problems. Getting a boost in sexual appetite is also possible through the compounds of this bark. Its primary uses are for kidney disease, stomach aches, fever, and sexual drive.

Saw Palmetto Extract

Saw palmetto fruit is used to help promote prostate health, along with a variety of other issues, according to ZNKX and the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

Does IDLife Work?

A picture is worth 1,000 words but it is important to understand that these results were based on effort.

Roo J.

“What a difference a year can make! This was about a year ago when I went on a trip with some friends. I remember thinking I am overweight but I had kind of settled into just being that way for the rest of my life. I didn’t know there was a better way for my body to work! And if there was a better way... I had no clue how to figure it out. Figuring my DNA out and what I need for my body... took all the guess work out. It truly changed my life. All the changes in this last year in my life all started with me wanting more. I made my mind up, took a chance and haven’t looked back since!”

*results always based on effort, choices

Julie F.

Julie the kindergarten teacher and grandma!

Reason for starting:

•Couldn’t sleep through the night •knee, ankle, elbow pain and inflammation

•long recovery after workouts 🤩👉🏻

Solution: personalized vitamins (ID Nutrition) 15 days into the ID 30 Burn and is getting amazing results

🔥down 2 inches in both thighs, 1 inch in the waist

🔥lost 2.3 lbs


🛌 sleeping through the night

💪🏻🦵🏻joint pain is gone

🏋🏻‍♀️recovery is faster

All she changed to her routine was her vitamins👊🏻

*results always based on effort, choices

Shuan G.

“🎉🎉I DID IT!!! I LOST 150 POUNDS!!!🎉🎉 16 months ago I set a massive goal for myself! It was 16 months of having a strong vision and never giving up! Here are a few sayings that kept me going through this amazing journey.

💪If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough!

💪Your will to change must be greater than your will to stay the same!

💪Results or excuses! It's one or the other!

💪Fall 7 times, stand up 8!

💪Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently!

💪If someone tells you "you can't", they're showing you their limits, not yours!

💪Be unstoppable, be positively unstoppable! And... Always, always, always believe in yourself and that something wonderful is about to happen. Keep your head high, keep your chin up, and most importantly, keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about.”

*results always based on effort, choices


IDLife is a fantastic company to work with whose products will get you the desired results. To order IDLife products click here to get the latest specials!